Board of Directors

President  Mils Farmus (Markdale)  
Vice-President  Sarah Coleman (Walkerton)  
Secretary  Erica McConachie (Chatsworth)  
Treasurer  Stuart Killin (Kincardine)  
Discipline  Jeff Virgo (Saugeen Shores)  
Tournament Chair  Jason Dantas (Owen Sound)  
Referee-In-Chief  Kenneth Taylor (Markdale)  
Blue Mountains Rep  Elsa Lopes  
Chatsworth Rep  Erica McConchie  
Chesley Rep  Chris Winkels  
Hanover Rep  Chris Oberle  
Kincardine Rep  Stuart Killin  
Markdale Rep  Kenneth Taylor  
Mount Forest Rep  Ron Harper  
Owen Sound Rep  Jason Dantas  
Saugeen Shores Rep  Jeff Virgo  
Tara Rep  Laurie Price  
Walkerton Rep  Sarah Coleman  
West Grey  Christine Fairhall  


All General Inquiries to be sent to

All Discipline and Misconduct reports to be sent to